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Opened in 2017, we pride ourselves in offering fresh, healthy and "not so healthy options".  Step inside and discover authentic food and a warm welcome. We offer something for everyone.   You can enjoy a samosa or beef patty with a cup of coffee or a delicious hot lunch such as jerk chicken, pierogis, meatloaf or curry chicken. Please check out our menu for sandwiches and daily lunch specials.

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I have the pleasure of eating here every two weeks, when visiting my Doctor's Office, Owner Paulina, takes great pride in this renovated from ground up, and hand designed by the charismatic owner. I highly recommend everything on the Menu Board, but 2nd worthwile while taste off Chicken Salad, Specials on Wednesday's Curry Chicken Roti, Friday's Jerk Chicken. Do tell her Azim sent you.


Azim AJ Hirji via Google Reviews

1200 Markham Road
(northeast corner of Markharm & Ellesmere)
647 933 8010

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